Local Chicago Artist Looks to Scale Her Business

The Client

A local Chicago artist had a strong following, but she wanted to make her artwork available to a broader range of clientele. Selling only originals was time-consuming and not scalable, but she thought that going the retail printing route would mean a sacrifice of quality. Design Art Group knew we had the high quality printing she was looking for and set out to help her grow her art distribution business.

The Process

To give the artist an idea of what Design Art Group’s capabilities were, we showed her the incredibly high quality paper on which her artwork would be printed. We also addressed her concerns about printing quality by giving her several examples of some other high-quality prints that we had produced.  These samples demonstrated the color correction, retouching, and editing services that Design Art Group provides. She was impressed and agreed to let us print and frame the first batch of her artwork. The services we provided to her included:

  • Project Management
  • Print Creation
  • Print and Frame Production
  • Photography Expertise
  • Shipping Options
  • Retouching and Color Correction
  • An Editing process for Art Pieces
  • Storage
  • Accessibility to Hand-sign and Number Each Individual Print

For the distribution launch of the prints we produced of her artwork, a show and a party was arranged by Design Art Group. We helped ensure the event success with an extensive social media push and old fashion outreach. The artist selected the frame types and colors for each piece that was displayed. Many pieces were purchased the day of the event, and Design Art Group is currently completing installation of them in buyers’ homes.

The Result

The artist was moved and incredibly satisfied with the role Design Art Group had in her success. We were able to combine our artwork and photography editing, retouching, and color correction in the print creation process with our frame production capabilities to help the artist increase her art production – and subsequently dramatically increase sales.  Design Art Group helped this local Chicago artist rapidly expand her business beyond the scale she originally targeted.

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