Helping RESTORE Highlight Their “Hall of Fame” Achievements

Corporate office design and layout isn’t always recognized for the important part it plays in telling the story of a brand’s values and mission. From the art collections on display to the furniture color and style, the way an office presents to employees and visitors has a huge impact on office productivity and the message a brand sends. The consultants at Design Art Group know how vital it is to take into account a company’s values and desired type of environment when it comes to designing an office space.

The client, RESTORE Hair, was looking for a creative and professional way to showcase their success and results of their brand ambassadors. As a leading hair restoration brand, they wanted to demonstrate their industry reach by displaying the before-and-after photos of the athletes and prominent customers in the office space. The display, however, could not just look like an office feature. Instead, they hired us to ensure it would look more like a museum showcase — professional, clean, intentional, and representative of the brand’s ethos.

First, we worked with the client to determine their goals for the project and to pinpoint the design and type of atmosphere they thought was most important for our consultants and designers to keep in mind. We determined that they needed an installation that mimicked a “Hall of Fame” presentation since they planned to mainly showcase athletes. Their main focus was on professional players: Former Chicago Bear, Brian Urlacher, Hall of Famer, Ryne Sandberg, Deion Sanders of NFL Hall of Fame, and Eddie Olzyck, NHL Announcer.

After we determined the design style of the wall display, our designers created a large frame that would hold the images of the athletes and other relevant press materials RESTORE Hair might want to showcase. The frame was custom-built by our full-service team to ensure its professional-grade quality. It included photos and press materials in a way that guides a viewer exactly where RESTORE Hair wants them to look. Most importantly, our frame design allowed for a high quality “Hall of Fame” display that visitors and employees at the RESTORE office could easily access and use to understand the client’s mission and values, along with the brand’s success.

The display Design Art Group created for RESTORE was a huge success. The space came out looking professional — much more like the museum display they were aiming for over a simple office feature. The “Hall of Fame” wall we created remains a focal point in the office, and has been a fun yet meaningful way to display success stories and public relations/press materials to employees and potential clients, brand ambassadors, and customers. Overall, Design Art Group consultants successfully built a showcase that mirrored the quality, values, and ethos of the RESTORE Hair brand.

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