Unifying an Office Space – One Company’s Very Colorful Mission

Corporate office design and layout isn’t always recognized for the important part it plays in telling the story of a brand’s values and mission. From the art collections on display to furniture color and style, the way an office presents itself to employees and visitors has a huge impact on office productivity as well as the messages it communicates as a brand. The consultants at Design Art Group know how vital it is to take into account a company’s values and desired type of environment when it comes to designing an office space.  

Client Needs

A client hired us last year to create an artistically inspired space in their office. The client, a colorful and decorative packaging company, had just undergone a management transition and needed to change up the way their office space looked to current/prospective clients and employees. They wanted the environment to tell as strong of a story as the new leaders aimed to tell through the company’s mission statement, marketing, and product offerings. Their goal was ambitious — to be the most creative and colorful packaging provider in the industry — and they wanted an office space that would make an impact. Overall, they needed us to ensure their physical space told their exciting, colorful story and mirrored their company values.  

Our Process

Once engaged by the client, our first step was to call various relevant company leaders to get a greater sense of the company’s values and translate these into our own goals for the physical space. We also discussed the type of work environment and atmosphere the executive team needed us to encourage. We kept cohesiveness and productivity in mind as we then put pen to paper and drew up design ideas, artwork plans, and original 3D installation ideas that would visually tell the company’s story and showcase their products. After we received approval from the client, we began the transformation. Once our designers finalized the layouts, we began to build, assemble, and install our project.

Our installation included a “shred-wall” that was comprised of 144 custom-made clear acrylic boxes. The boxes were then adhered to a track system we designed, which allows each box to be easily reconfigured and relocated. We inserted the client’s own color packaging materials inside each box to showcase the beauty, color, and texture of its products. That way, a reminder of the company’s prowess and leadership in the industry would never be far away from employees and clients.


Ultimately, we created a branded office space that promoted cohesiveness and productivity. We focused on and created interior elements that best told the narrative of the company and reflected its goals and values. By incorporating the ambitions of the company’s new leadership with an installation that showcased the company’s own products, Design Art Group elevated the employee and customer experience.

“Design Art Group helped us design, install, and create an office lobby which says all we wanted to say about our cool company Spring Fill – without ever saying a word. Their rendering, ideation, and sampling process made it so easy to help us visualize the gorgeous outcome.”

Jane, CEO – Spring Fill

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