Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Hospitality Industry

Each hotel poses a specific and unique experience for guests based on its environment, décor, and service. Everything should be carefully curated. Design Art Group assists hotels and resorts in sourcing art that will enhance the guest experience.

With new guests walking through the halls of a hotel each day, it can be tough to account for each individual experience with a hotel’s environment. We aim to unify these guest experiences via art that inspires. Our goal is to select pieces that reflect a hotel’s character and aesthetic from room to room, and make it feel like a truly unique experience.

Corporate Industry

For any business, a company/brand’s ability to communicate its core values is crucial. However, a company’s identity relies on more than boardrooms, cubicles, and people – it’s also defined by office culture and cohesiveness. Being intentional about how that story is told has a large role in telling visitors and employees what is important to a company.

Design Art Group works with companies to curate and customize art collections that work in tandem with office layouts and brand identity to promote continuity and positive office culture. We know how important art is for employees and clients. Our number one goal is to find pieces that accurately reflect a company’s identity. Every business is unique, and each one’s art should be unique, with the right balance of aesthetic and functionality. Design Art Group not only considers form but also the function of a space while creating elements for a successful workspace.

Residential Industry

The art you choose to display in your home says a lot about your space, your individual aesthetic, and your principles. Your home art collection can also be a point of personal pride, an intentional way to add value to your home, or a way to create a specific atmosphere. Whether you’re going for the rustic country home look, or something more contemporary, residential art pieces should be carefully put together in line with this goal.

Design Art Group residential art consultants understand that both cohesive home art collections and striking statement pieces have their place in the residential art design. We source pieces to fit a homeowner’s style, colour, layout, and functional goals. From contemporary pieces to well-known paintings, we can help equip your home with a collection that reflects your personality, budget, and taste.

Healthcare Industry

A hospital’s art collection is often an unsung hero. Many patients and employees alike see the art on a hospital’s walls passively — and many don’t think twice about it. However, according to a recent survey by the Cleveland Clinic, 73% of patients reported that the wall art in the hospital had a significant positive impact on their mood, 61% of patients confirmed that the art reduced their stress levels, and 39% said that the art improved their comfort or pain levels. Clearly, art is a vital part of the healthcare experience and can completely shift the way a patient interacts with a hospital facility.

For healthcare facility leaders, introducing a cohesive collection of artwork can be daunting. There is, after all, a lot to account for: The goals of the hospital, types of medicine being practiced in each hall or wing, and the need for therapeutic, inspirational pieces. Design Art Group’s hospital art consultants work with hospitals and clinics to source art collections that send a positive message about the hospital’s values and prioritize the patient and employee experience.

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