Putting a Modern Twist on a Company’s Rich History

For some companies, finding a way to incorporate the history of the company is an important part of the design. This is especially true for this family owned business, which goes back for generations. But how do you take that history and make it work within a modern interior renovation?

We knew that photos would be an integral part of the art plan for the space, and worked alongside Rieke Office Interiors to identify different areas that would be perfect for gallery walls. And because much of the interior design leaned toward industrial, art photography of the various machinery utilized within the company made the perfect choice. In addition, historical images and articles that were restored became the focus of another space, allowing the company to tell their story through photos.

Because this company is a food-based manufacturer, it means we were also able to have a little fun with some of the design elements used. This “can lid wall” consists of multiple panels that suspend actual can lids laid out in a random geometric pattern for texture and movement. And because the panels were created using clear acrylic, it is a great way to divide the space while keeping the feeling light and open.

From the large installs to even the small framed family photographs, everywhere you look inside this building you are welcomed into the company story.

“I met with Design Art Group to discuss the needs and vision I had for my client. From the very start, they understood my ideas of what I was trying to create and expanded upon those ideas. I loved how easy it was to bounce around ideas. The entire process was fantastic from start to finish – the install went perfectly and my client couldn’t be happier!”

Julie, Rieke Office Interiors

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